Respectfully, if we may be so bold as to introduce ourselves...

One point of inspiration behind our first collection of chairs is the modern wingback chair and how it is being reinterpreted for modern interiors. Each chair in the collection is a modern take on this classic design. Our color palette and textile choices are inspired by the the large-scale floral prints and bold jewel tones that have dominated the fashion runways this season as well as the design world.

As we were designing the chairs and choosing fabrics for our first collection, we were particularly drawn to the graceful undulating lines and eye catching colors in the tree of life print. Throughout human history and on every continent, the tree of life has had many forms of representation among multitudes of cultures – yet its significant role and reverence has always remained the same. For thousands of years, this powerful motif has served to illustrate the genesis, growth and interconnection constantly at play within the world – and now, just as our ancestors before us, we find it the perfect symbol of what we hope our journey with Solbrook is to become.


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Llayton No. 1 Chair Ferris No. 1 Chair Ezra No. 1 Chair