A Love Affair with the Tree of Life
March 31, 2013

Our daughter, Annabella, participated in her first Easter egg hunt this year. It was a glorious day for collecting eggs. Spring had definitely arrived! The Sun was shining strongly; the birds were singing cheerfully; the grass and trees were alive again with new foliage. Annabella quickly accomplished the task of finding eggs and then placing them in her basket. After finishing the search for eggs, Annabella triumphantly ran about the yard while my husband trailed behind her, video camera in hand, attempting to capture each moment.



For our first collection of chairs Joel and I used various forms of the tree of life print. This choice was unintentional at first. We were simply drawn to this pattern. The arrival of spring and Easter egg hunting with Annabella reminds us why we are so attracted to this spectacular print. It is the graceful undulating lines, the eye catching colors, the representation of nature and the reminder of the cycle of life. The tree of life seems to be woven with a joy that feeds the soul.


Throughout human history and on every continent, the tree of life has had many forms of representation among multitudes of cultures – yet its significant role and reverence has always remained the same. For thousands of years, this powerful motif has served to illustrate the genesis, growth and interconnection constantly at play within the world – and now, just as our ancestors before us, we find it the perfect symbol of what we hope our journey with Solbrook is to become.

Ferris No. 1 Chair

Lllayton No. 1 Chair

Ezra No. 1 Chair


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