Design Inspiration for the Ezra and Ferris Chairs: Bold Color and Floral Prints
October 25, 2012

Ezra No. 1 Chair

Ferris No. 1 Chair

It is hard to deny the strong influence that fashion and design have on one another and the fascinating relationship that they share. As my husband and I designed our first collection of chairs and ottomans, this was a reoccurring theme. Our inspiration for the Ezra and Ferris Chairs were the large-scale, stylized floral prints and bold jewel tones that have dominated the design scene as well as the runways of fashion. In particular, designers chose orange, red and shades of blue-greens such as teal and peacock. These color combinations are striking and have a dramatic effect whether it be on a dress or a chair.

Pictured above is one of my favorite pieces for Fall, the floral sweater dress. This dress has an abstract, painterly floral design with shades of reddish-orange, navy, teal and turquoise.

This amazing Salvatore Ferragamo halter dress is absolutely striking with its red top and flowing turquoise skirt. The fabric on the Ezra No. 1 Chair shares a similar color palette.


One of my go-to casual pieces for the season, a cardigan with a graphic geometric print. This cardigan is in vibrant orange with navy. The navy helps ground the eye catching print and dresses it up. In the foreground, fabric from the Ferris No. 1 Chair.

A long Paul & Joe dress featuring a lively, romantic print in varying shades of orange. Fabric from the Ferris No. 1 Chair pictured.

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